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Seizure Treatment and causes

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Its funny you say dont be a doc like you! LOL Becasue since this started , I have been the one that said that I think its got something to do with her Hormones and then THEY do a test and it comes back that her hormones are out of whack, the one doc said Ive never even heard of Catamenial Seizures , so I definatley think there is something to a parents intution. But also how does someone all of a sudden just start having seizures shes never had one in her life and they dont happen all the time

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I sounds to me as though a person could be misdiagnosed with seizures but in actuality are having comas from too low blood sugar. I haven't studied seizures but have witnessed some in public and they seem to recover easily. With a coma, you will not recover without quick sugar to fortify your sugar level for the brain to function. The brain needs constant levels of sugar to keep it working well. With low bloods sugar I had confusion, dizziness, craziness and danger of passing out. I walked in front of cars and didn't know where I was. I couldn't think. I drank milk, ate something sweet and took a nap to recover. My old blood sugar tests showed it dropped to 35 at the clinic and they let me drive home on the freeway which I should never have done. I had to stop and rest to make it home. The doctors were ignorant at the time about treatment.
I ate six times a day, high protein and vegetables and controlled the family stress. My blood sugar levels became more normal in the roller coaster effect on my health. Exercise helped in that respect. You don't read about this in the medical literature. I found this guidance in a paperback in a health food store and it proved to be accurate for my condition. If you have seizures, I don't know how that affects the situation. Just remember that the number you read on a machine test is not stable but fluctuates by your activity level and gets highest two hours after eating. Then it starts to drop and goes up and down during a 24 hour period. Study this for your education in your case. Dorisena