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Seizure Treatment and causes

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I hate to bring it up again, but my experience with low and high blood sugar over the years and going to the doctor for help has been dismal at best. A nutritionist has good advice, and an Endo is good if you can get an appointment. The knowledge is improving but the reliance on meds is still too much for type 2 diabetes. We still need to change our eating and exercise.

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I hope people are not confused about this seizure/coma thing. I am talking about low blood sugar which drops very low due to too much insulin or other drug lowering med and the patient becomes unconscious. A blood sugar test would determine the treatment which is an IV of fluids and sugar or in mild cases like mine at home, food and drink. i had a friend who drank orange juice or Coke and ate candy bars if she was able. She recovered fast. Very low blood sugar can result in brain damage or mental fogginess and I don't know what else. Years ago the doctors didn't understand this and gave my sister insulin in the hospital which almost killed her. She knew what was wrong but couldn't speak. Finally they reversed the treatment and she recovered fast with an IV containing glucose. She was not eating properly and then quit eating and had the up/down event which was either type one or type two diabetes, which requires a different approach and constant monitoring. I am not too experienced on that. My neighbor friend had six doctors after she was diagnosed with type 1 but had to learn to manage her condition with her own records and charts and exercise program. Her doctors were astounded
at her knowledge and improvement. I hope diabetes education is better today as we continue to learn more. Dorisena