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Seizure Treatment and causes

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I was wondering if you could help
@hoochinmama regarding seizures.
Her daughter's insulin level is high. I was curious if a high insulin level could cause hypoglycemia and cause her glucose to fall and lower her seizure threshold.
She has seizures just prior during or after Menstruation. I was wondering if between the menstruation and the insulin issue whether or not it could be enough to lower her seizure threshold to have a seizure. I was also wondering if she could be insulin resistant.
I know both high & low blood sugar can cause seizures not sure about the necessary tests or exactly sure how the insulin affects the blood sugar and the like.
Any help you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated.
Hope you've been we'll,

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I know nothing about seizures but realize the similarity to low blood sugar attacks and passing out symptoms now that I think about it. With low blood sugar you are in danger of coma so you need sugar immediately, which I had years ago. Some of it was due to stress. I learned to eat six times a day and it was a high protein diet. I got over the low blood sugar. I have not read that low blood sugar causes seizures. I know from experience it can cause coma and near death. My sister was hospitalized with low blood sugar and they mistakenly gave her insulin which almost killed her. She needed food!
I have never had good advice from doctors with diabetes and have learned myself by study and eating habits. I am not aware that I had any seizures years ago when my blood sugar would drop. Sorry I can't help more. Dorisena

I know high sugar can cause coma but it doesn't make sense to me since I know nothing about seizures. Low blood sugar makes your dizzy, sometimes wild, and then you become unconscious and it can kill you. I would drink milk, calm down, take a nap, and wake up feeling better. I learned to eat six times a day on a high protein diet which I did not know was a diabetic diet at the time. I got well and the problem went away as long as I avoided the stress in my life. I seldom go more than four hours between meals now that I am working on my diabetes. But I get hungry in the night when I do not eat a big enough, balanced dinner. Then I eat no sugr applesauce with cinnamon and a few nuts. I would never skip eating and have low blood sugar again and that is why I avoid meds for diabetes. I am planning to take nothing when my garden gets growing because my blood sugar is 99 to 106 in the morning. I do stay on the low carb plan. That's the best way. Dorisena

@jakedduck1 @hoochinmama
(This is a short summary - I'm not a doctor, and a lot more detail was left out below so don't stop your meds and playing a doctor like me) I had my first seizure due to low blood sugar(I'm a diabetic). I injected insulin for a dinner and forgot to turn on the oven. Delaying my dinner and I just waited too long waiting for dinner to be ready and I had a seizure. Then over a couple years I had another seizure. I went to a neurologist and he said I had short circuits in my brain that caused seizures and we don't know what causes it, and he put me on lamatrogine(sp?) which stoped the seizures. I took this for years but it also caused mental fogginess at work. I needed to find out what was the cause. I stopped the lamatrogine, and watched myself closely. I was able to trace it back to artificial sweeteners. I then read how they can cause seizures, so I believed it was some chemical reaction, and I stopped drinking diet coke which I drank a lot! I started drinking water mixes with a different artificial sweetener, thinking it would stop seizures, and when I was drinking that in large amounts I had another seizure. Then I tried another artificial sweetener and had the same results. I learned it was not the chemical reaction, but maybe confusion of my body wondering why I had insulin in me but still huge amounts of sugar. (Artificial sweeteners will look like large amounts of sweetener in you, but doesn't build up carbs which needs insulin to convert). I gave up all artificial sweetener drinks and only drink water and occasionally add small drinks that uses real sugar, and I must use insulin to control the real level. I was seizure free for last few years, but recently had another seizure, and my blood sugar level was normal (not an extremely low sugar level). Right now I'm thinking it was lack of sleep, but I also am looking at my switching to the a different insulin manufacturer (yes, BCBS dropped coverage of 1 manufacturer making all their insulin users use the same fast insulin) I believe this may be the reason for the latest. I need to start seeing a neurologist in KC again, to discuss this with, but I would like to find a research one that thinks insulin and blood sugars does cause seizures and this is how we prevent them. So if you are in KC and now a great neurologist, please share🙂

@hoochinmama I would pick up a cheap blood glucose meter at Walmart and look at your daughters blood sugar level around her periods and when she seizures. This would be great information for your doctor's

I am re-reading your question again to see if I can explain it better. A high insulin level starts to go down two hours after eating and lowers to the degree that it went up. Then it starts to go up again depending on the numbers and whether you are active or sleeping. It is part of metabolism and when the pancreas is tired of not working well the blood sugar numbers become too high or too low. Stress is part of the problem. Medicines can be part of the problem. I can see that menstrration can make a difference because pain and stress can change the blood sugar levels as they are moving up and down during a 24- hour cycle. I can agree that very low blood sugar can cause passing out or coma, but I am not comfortable calling it seizures because I haven't studied that event. I want you to know that low blood sugar can put you in a coma from which you may not recover, so it is dangerous. You need glucose immediately if that is the case. I will study seizures and see if I can understand more about the matter. I don't know that there is a med or pill that will help at the time of the event. I do know that more insulin lwould ower an already low blood sugar and damage your brain. Be careful of that.
The goal is to have the blood sugar count go up and down in a cycle that has more normal numbers. Diet change and exercise can help accomplish this and is less dangerous to manage. Hormones can play a role. Thyroid is involved as it is involved in everything to keep the body regulated well. Doctors don't believe you will make diet changes faithfully so they rely on pills and shots to regulate. It still takes a lot of testing to know where the blood sugar is at different times of the day or night. Food changes are slower but losing weight makes the job easier unless you are already thin. Dorisena