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BiPap and swelling eyes

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I have a cpap and this eyelid swelling is happening to me. I'm also having general inflammation too just recently. I have the recalled DreamStation. My dr says to keep using it. I'm a little concerned bc the swelling started this past December and hadn't happened before that. I've had it for a year now. I'm scared to not use it because I don't feel like I'm going to die from exhaustion anymore, but these other issues are coming up now and I believe they're directly correlated to the machine.

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Welcome @rachaeler, It can be scary when new symptoms pop up after you've been using the CPAP for awhile. I was also a little leary once the recall was announced and I had 2 Dreamstations - the big one and the Dreamstation Go. I ended up biting the bullet and just purchasing a ResMed AirMini since I wanted a smaller unit that I could take with me. It has worked better than I could have expected and I like it much better than the Dreamstation. I too have had some issues with my eyes watering a lot after having the CPAP mask on due to a little air leakage around the mask which dries the eyes out some. I use eyedrops in the morning which helps some. I use a full face mask and have thought about trying to use a nasal pillow or a mask that fits under and up against the nose but I haven't had much luck with those in the past. I can make the mask really tight and stop most of the air leakage but then I have the pain in the bridge of my nose.

Do you think the eyelid swelling could be related to air leakage around your mask? Have you thought about getting a second opinion?