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Thank you so much for sharing! My dental issues are the reason I still refuse bone strengtheners. I have had no fractures, so far, and take Caltrate now. Of course, lytic lesions are amyloid, I guess. But I always felt like the deep dental cleaning spurred a systemic inflammatory response. And you are right. Since diagnosis, my doctors don't seem interested in checking out any other problems. They make me feel like a lost cause, because I have an incurable cancer. It is frustrating.

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@lisal64 One problem I have is lazy doctors. These are people who don't know anything about your particular disease and are too lazy to look for the proper testing and treatment. A doctor who is not incredibly curious about the human body should be summarily dismissed from medical practice of any kind. Yours is a very typical case, showing dental issues the doc does not easily recognize. And then you add the fact that you have only a few billion variants to your bucket, and every one of them can, at any time, be part of a problem and shape your life, a lazy doctor is not worth having around. Part of my dental problem is that my mouth upper and lower palate seem to keep trying to erupt new teeth in my jaw. Little bumps keep forming just a short distance from my roots., grow out about 1/16 inch, then fade away after a few years. And all my teeth hurt all the time unless I use Orajel or some brand of sensitive teeth toothpast with painkiller. And my heart ejection fraction, at one time tested at less than 30, is now at 70 because the thickening walls and valves have shrunk the available space for blood to collect for the next pump action. My son's EF is doing the same thing, but much worse. His EF is >70, and has been in the low 20s. Yes, we that that incurable cancer known as myeloma >Amyloidosis>Gelsolin. I also have a gene which attempts to establish polytactyly, (extra fingers, nails, and teeth). I am trying to hitch a ride to Spokane to see the Amy specialists there, but it is not easy because my doc is incredibly lazy and jealous of the way I spend my medicare. oldkarl