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Restless legs syndrome (RLS) and mirtazapine

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No evidence of disease as of the moment. It is a slow growing neuroendocrine cancer removed from my pancreas, but a couple of suspicious spots.
That worries me much less than my mental health. Have had recommendations of cymbalta, Effexor and remeron and am over thinking and researching them all as I do not want to try and come off and repeat. Tried Effexor 7 weeks ago but stopped after one week due to 1st 3 days I couldn’t function then throat burning. Going through Paxil WD had severe heat intolerance and extreme hot flashes and they’ve gotten better, I’d hate to have that back again. So…you like cymbalta?
Thank you for your patience with desperate me.

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Rosa- I know what withdrawal feels like and feeling pretty much like you do. I do like Cymbalta and I might ask the dr., since I can't take a lot of it, for another med to replace Welbutrin. The ant-sweat meds that I tried I didn't like at all.

I think that during this time of flux that you might want to increase any physical activity that you can do to help with your angst. Please don't let it burn up all of your energy, you really do, I think, need to do something to help burn it off? What kinds of things have you done in the past to help offset a lot of angst?

Rosa, did you know that there is a Neuroendocrine Cancer group here too?

Check out the discussions and connect with members here:
- Neuroendocrine Tumors (NETs) https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/neuroendocrine-tumors-nets/