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I didn't think about exercise putting one in AFib..

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Mine happens an hour or more after exercise when I’m back home in the recliner. It’s like my heart gets confused when I’m not exercising or something

I’ve also noticed that my max heart rate is about the same going for a walk as it is during moderate cardio exercise.

I love to swing dance and have found it to be a good all around exercise besides lots of fun. I do know enough to stop and take breaks when my heart tells me to..I recently met with my cardiologist who had planned to do a stress test. When he asked what I had been doing, I told him about the swing dancing. He said, “That’s your stress test.”

I have read advice saying (among other things) that exercise
can be a good way to handle Afib. Seems to help!

(Other ways are drinking a glass of ice water fast and learning to take deep abdominal breaths to trigger a "vagal response".)

Supposedly, the vagus nerve is key in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system which is operative in triggering and turning off an Afib response.