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I developed DIC after an emergent c-section the summer of 2020. It was discovered about 16 hours after my c-section that I had been bleeding within my uterus all day. Throughout the day I lost 75% of my blood volume. I had an emergency hysterectomy, but they ran out of blood so they packed my wound and put me on a helicopter to another hospital. I left with a walker and barely able to hold my 5 pound baby or shower myself. Also had serious stutter and memory problems, I still struggle a bit with both and have PTSD. I've had to have three other surgeries since. I ended up tearing my acl the following summer due to weakness in my legs (I didn't have any therapies when I came home from the hospital.) I had to end up having both ovaries removed by january this year. All of my abdominal organs are completely stuck together and full of adhesions, so I have issues with abdominal pain, digestion problems, fatigue, and back pain. Life has been so very different since and I've been searching for anyone who has had long term symptoms of their DIC.

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Welcome, @kbreder. I'd like to bring @amandacgrow and @kristap31 into this discussion. While they may not have experience with disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), they have experience with serious illness at the birth of a child. I think they will also related to the PTSD feelings. Kbreder, were you in ICU too?

I'm so sorry to hear of the complications you've had. Did your healthcare team find the underlying condition that caused you to develop DIC? Are you in the care of specialists who understand DIC? And how's that little baby of yours who is almost 2 years old?

Wow, I too developed DIC after a c-section. Mine wasn't caught as early though. I began having pain while at home from the hospital on day 3. It hurt to sit and by day 8 I couldnt urinate. I stood up and started bleeding drastically. I got to the the ER and went into shock and collapsed from blood loss. I too had to have an emergency hysterectomy as they couldn't stop the uterine bleed. I received 4 blood transfusions and ended up in the ICU for 4 days before going to the peds floor (so family could bring my baby to see me). I developed a painful post-op ileus due to the surgery. I had my tubes, uterus and cervix removed and required iron transfusions. I was weak for a while but as far as fatigue, brain fog, memory problems etc. I have had that for years with my autoimmine diseases so I dont notice it as new. I too have been diagnosed with PTSD from the event. It seems like no one understands it, nor asks or allows me to talk about it. Like it was too scary for them that I almost died.