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Hello @hmctgraybill51 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. First, that is wonderful news that your PSAs are undetectable at this time. I wanted to connect you with a couple of other members, @scullrower and @stoney, who share your experience with incontinence to see if they may be able to come in and share if they know anything more about the sling and/or artificial urinary sphincter surgery, or if they even explored them as options.

Knowing what you know, what would be your preference?

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Hello. Five years ago I had an artificial urinary sphincter inserted in my groin. I had been experiencing urinary incontinence since a prostatectomy and radiation treatments. I was going through 3 or 4 regular size pads a day. My urologist offered to do the surgery and I consented. Good decision. I still use pads from time to time to catch the occasional leak but my quality of life has vastly improved. The AUS has a cuff that surrounds the urethra which is controlled by a bulb located in the scrotum. Squeezing the bulb loosens the cuff allowing urine to flow. Gradually the cuff closes again. It’s all quite painless. I have found it best to sit when I urinate. Fumbling around to find the bulb was too difficult for me standing at a urinal or toilet. Since my bladder can still push pretty hard at times, I urinate at regular intervals to keep urges to minimum. Nevertheless. I am very pleased so far with the AUS.

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