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Anyone here have Fuch's Dystrophy?

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I was diagnosed with Fuch's dystrophy this past summer and have been using Muro drops with some success ........ At least I think it will prolong a surgical procedure . I personally don'feel the condition is improving but the objectivity tests,i.
e. cornea thickness, sight clarity are showing very slight improvement and no more disease progression at the moment.

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THANK YOU, TG, for answering. I, had a field of vision test about 3 weeks ago and the doctor said my vision improved. He showed me the print outs...and I'm going hmmmm...ok, if you say so! I don't feel that my vision in my L eye has gotten 'worse'... and so MUCH of how you see is 'in your mind'...of that I am positive. I got a little upset on another list after people were INSISTING that Fuchs is always bilateral and that I have it in the other eye, too. Well, then my doctor's are wrong.
I do the Muro5% 3 or 4 times a day and the ointment at night. I also use Ortho K daytime homeopathic drops...and right now I'm using the Systane Preservative free eye drops...because my doc said my left eye was SOOOOOO dry...so ok. Am doing that.
I am not an AMA-oriented person at ALL...take NO Rx's ...I'm 74 y/0...but it doesn't mean that I would be a fool and NOT 'go to the doctor' if I knew I absolutely HAD to...
I really do not think my eye surgeon handled the thing well. He should have SEEN the Fuch's BEFORE my surgery ... and he never really took his time...he wanted 'immediate answers' ...and so now I have to wear reading glasses and distance glasses, too. There are times, during the day, when my vision is 'clear'...others times when the blurriness in my L eye is predominant. Sometimes its just all up-ka-mixed! :)
I hope you will stay in touch. thanks and have a good day!

Hi, Betttyann, my name is Betty Jane. I too have FD. Your symptoms are much like my own. One eye is more involved than the other. I am 82 now, but was diagnosed probable about 10 years ago by an Optometrist, (I have been near sighed for since I can remember, so needed a new prescription) .He didn't put a name to it at the time but simply said I had a condition that eventually I would go blind from. Then added that probably I wouldn't live that long anyway as it was progressing quite slow. About 6 years ago I had cataract surgery on both eyes, by one of the best ophthalmologists in Spokane. He finely put a NAME to the disease, but I still did not know much about it until I found Mayo Clinics site. No one that I know of in my family has had it. No one has gone blind even. So I have no idea where it came from. I no doubt will have the transplant procedure at some point, but it is still progressing quite slow at this point, so I may indeed not outlive it. The Muro drops help my eyes feel more comfortable so have been using them. Hope this helps some how. Betty J

Hi Mary Jane,
Thank you for replying. I appreciated your sharing your story about FD with me.. I have appreciated ALL those who have replied.
At this point in time (and that may change)...I am still wondering whether or not I actually DO have FD in my left eye. So bizarre that it just 'happened' right after my cataract surgery in that eye. BEFORE my cataract surgery both eyes (a week apart) my FD eye (Left one) actually had more clarity and vision than my Right!
The optometrist I go to right now simply seemed to accept that surgeon's diagnosis.
I wonder if SOMEHOW that surgeon didn't mess up my eye...even perhaps a bad lens for the implant. I think that what I need to do is see another opthamologist. Since doctors have this thing going whereby they will NEVER speak against each other, it makes it twice as difficult.
Hopefully, whatever the condition 'actually' is...the Muro drops/ointment will not be making it any worse. It's just all so frustrating. Anyway, it was really good to hear from you... so thank you again, Mary Jane.

I would certainly see another certified ophthalmologist. One should be able to see if you had a botched up job of cataract surgery. (or maybe not botched, but some other problem.) Just tell them you are not happy with the results of your surgery, and see what they say. They should be able to tell if you have FD without your even saying anything about it before hand. If they don't catch it in the exam, then tell them what you have been told and you are concerned about it. You certainly have a right to know the truth about your own condition and need to know more information about the progress of the disease, and the options. Ask around about how to find a reputable ophthalmologist, or depending on where you live there are web sites you can go to to find the best. We hope for the best. Keep us informed as to what you find out. Betty J

Hi Bettyann, I think you will find that Fuchs Dystrophy is a genetic disease that eventually affects both eyes. I was misdiagnosed by two ophthalmologists before I got a third opinion at a teaching hospital and found that I had Fuchs and was actually in a late stage. They said the cataract surgery pushed by the first two doctors could not only have hastened Fuchs, but that my cornea could not have survived the cataract surgery and would have led to eventual transplants anyway (after paying the doctor $6400 out of pocket for the special lens). They never mentioned that I had the symptoms of Fuchs.

It's hard to find a good doctor. I'd suggest going to a teaching hospital if you can. Don't put too much stock in these doctor rating lists you find on line or in magazines because they are sometimes patients rating doctors by their communication, rather than technical, skills or political in that doctors get other doctors/friends on the Top Doctors lists. Go to US News and World Report for their Top Hospitals list. Find the closest one and pick an ophthalmologist there.

I am having a transplant Feb. 10 at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. The progression of Fuchs from the initial finding of gluttata varies greatly, but if you have the gene, Hopkins told me that one of my parents definitely had it but may not have lived long enough for it to develop. My kids have a 50-50 chance of getting it as well, so should be tested. Doctors can tell if you have the gene in your 30s or 40s, even if you don't develop the symptoms for decades..

Also, the doctors often use a cornea thickness measure of 630-640 mm to determine diagnosis. But, my Hopkins doctor (who is passionate about this disease) says the number is somewhat arbitrary. Because I had had morning blurriness for two years, he said my cornea was already disintegrating even if my numbers were lower than 600. I thought I was just getting old! Maggie/Maryland

Thanks again, Mary J ... that is exactly what I am going to have to do. I DO need to see another opthamalogist...and I will make plans to do that. In the meantime I will be moving to another location...and dealing with 'one thing at a time' is just about my speed anymore! =) i'll have my present doctor recommend one...from Kaiser...not from Denver Eye Surgeons.... hopefully I will be able to be in touch with one who will be more concerned about my eyes...than 'covering' for a fellow doctor.
Have a good rest of the weekend! Bettyann