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My husband had a kidney transplant last May (I was the donor) and on release from the hospital (day 4) he was moving slowly but unaided. You can see it with everyone when you are there at 7 am getting the bloodwork done the new folks who are just 4-7 days post transplant all look a little tired and are moving slowly but it gets easier and by the end of week 2 it's sometimes hard to tell which ones are the patients. The first month after transplant you are at the hospital a lot for bloodwork and appointments often early as they need bloodwork before you take your morning meds, so my advice it get lots of books/movies to watch as there is a lot of downtime. My husband is in his late 70's but managed to shower by himself and dress himself once he was home - I just put his clothes/towels out. As your friend is younger am sure she will bounce back pretty quickly and will need minimal help with self-care. I would make sure you have lots of healthy snacks available as it's tricky sometimes to find these at hotels. Not sure if she's thought of what she'll be wearing but nothing that is hitting her waist as the incision is just below there and is stapled so you don't want anything rubbing against that.

Wishing your friend a good surgery and wonderful recovery, we are at 9 months now and every day I am so thankful that we have this new life.

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@dbirkel21 What a great first post! I see you have been a member here for a while, so welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Good pointers about food. And, always carry water! We had a small canvas bag that held notebook, water, snackies and such, and went with us even years after. I see that bag now, and realize the memories it carries.

You reminded me that sweatpants and elastic banded pants are clothing of choice. My husband found that out after his transplant in 2016.

@dbirkel21, I want to add my Welcome to Connect! Your husband's post transplant recovery sounds a lot like mine. I also wore loose elastic waist sweat pants which made dressing easier for me. My incision was low and didn't rub.

9 months ago you donated a kidney to your husband. Congratulations to both of you. That is an example of true love!
Did you each have a caregiver?
Where did you have your transplant?