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Lol no I am not a golfer . It’s a nobile sport but I found it extremely boring. I swim quite often, water relaxes me great deal . Probably I had a good time in my mom belly . If I could I would sleep at the bottom of the ocean . I am not currently working with a nutritionist but I am considering. All this is very new to me as you can imagine , so I am still processing the whole thing. You mentioned that my treatment has been successful. I don’t know that yet . I am scheduled to see the radiologist end of March . But I will take that from you . Yes indeed I am lucky it showed on my nose ( My God what other better place is there ) and indeed the prognosis is very good . Thank you for reaching out . Thank you

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I guess success in cancer treatment is a relative term, isn’t it. I tend to be a Pollyanna and look for the positive outcome. 🙃 But your cancer type does high degree of response to radiation so I’m really hoping that all is well and this is indeed successful.
I’m not a golfer either! There were a lot of attempts with friends and family but it just isn’t my thing. I agree, it was a little boring for my taste and activity level. Not to mention too much performance anxiety with 3 other people tapping toe behind me.
Was it suggested for you to try a plant based diet? It’s not easy making an abrupt lifestyle change. It might be worth getting some assistance from a nutritionist and easing into it slowly, introducing more fruits, veggies, whole grains and non-meat proteins into your diet a little a time.
I know we have a few discussion on Connect related to the plant based diet.
I typed Plant Based Diet in the search option and this is what I came up with. https://connect.mayoclinic.org/search/?search=Plant+based+diet

You might be able to trace some of those conversations and direct your questions so some of our members who are involved with a vegetarian diet.
Do you have any newly found and maybe favorite veggie dishes that surprised you?