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Thank you for connecting . My cancer showed up on my nose , and surgery was not an option ecstatically . I did finish 15 radiation session and didn’t have dramatic side effects. Fatigue, anxiety, a lot of bloody nose during the day , open wound inside my nose . I am better now , my nose is healing and this morning for the first time in weeks I felt happy . I enjoyed my cup of coffee and I drove around admiring the surroundings. I do Real Estate for living , and I am very busy . I was diagnosed 6 months ago , and sometimes I don’t think it really sink into me my new reality. I am changing my diet , but I have hard time going on a 100% plant based diet . The sad part is that I realized , all this cancer thing , it’s a lonely journey. Maybe that’s why I joined this group . To relate to other people with the same disease. Thank you for reaching out . Let’s keep the conversation going . Thank you

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Good morning, @bogie60 Reading through your message this morning, I couldn’t help but smile when I got to the part, “I’m better now…for the first time in weeks, I felt happy.”

I know and appreciate that moment in a cancer journey. It’s that feeling you get on the first warm day of spring when you can drive around with your car windows open, fresh air on your face, singing along at the top of your lungs to Whitesnake’s, Here I Go Again on my Own! That was my moment of joy when I realized I was past the worst. I’m very happy for you that your treatment has been successful, you’re healing and moving forward.

I don’t share your similar cancer but I did some research on B-cell lymphoma. While no one wants anything to do with the Big C, you are fortunate that it is localized to your skin and generally doesn’t spread. But I’m sure it was a huge shock and something like that really shakes a person to the core.

With your plant-based diet, are you receiving help and guidance through a nutritionist to get started?
With your @bogie60 name. Are you a golfer?

@bogie60, I think you might also appreciate joining some of the discussions or starting a new one in the Cancer: Managing Symptoms group: https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/cancer-managing-symptoms/

While you started this discussion to connect with others with your exact and rare tumor type, the feelings and goals you have are shared (dare I say universal) to cancer survivors. Like @loribmt, I'm focusing on two statements you made 1) all this cancer thing , it’s a lonely journey and 2) this morning for the first time in weeks I felt happy.

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