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Welcome @bogie60. It's tough to find others when you have a rare cancer type like cutaneous B-cell lymphoma. Hopefully by starting this discussion others will join in.

In the meantime, you might be interested in experiences of fellow members @cindylb, @carlos12 @vonbaron36 @taddyp who have experience with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
- Cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/cutaneous-t-cell-lymphoma/

@grandpabob had large B cell lymphoma and I'm also bringing @loribmt into the discussion.

While we wait for others to join in, Bogie, can you tell me a bit more about you? Did you have surgery and then radiation or is radiation the first treatment you've had? How are you doing? Any side effects?

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Thank you for connecting . My cancer showed up on my nose , and surgery was not an option ecstatically . I did finish 15 radiation session and didn’t have dramatic side effects. Fatigue, anxiety, a lot of bloody nose during the day , open wound inside my nose . I am better now , my nose is healing and this morning for the first time in weeks I felt happy . I enjoyed my cup of coffee and I drove around admiring the surroundings. I do Real Estate for living , and I am very busy . I was diagnosed 6 months ago , and sometimes I don’t think it really sink into me my new reality. I am changing my diet , but I have hard time going on a 100% plant based diet . The sad part is that I realized , all this cancer thing , it’s a lonely journey. Maybe that’s why I joined this group . To relate to other people with the same disease. Thank you for reaching out . Let’s keep the conversation going . Thank you