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Parkinson’s unresponsive episodes.

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Hello @tiffmiller and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad that you found this discussion group. As you can see, others have also been concerned about their family members having this unresponsive episode. It is certainly frightening for the family and caregivers to watch this happening.

I would like to invite @bethv, @chuckcallahan @mshoggie @judithanne to join you in this discussion.

I'm glad to hear that your father-in-law will be receiving palliative care in the near future. This will certainly help him to get good care.

What type of treatment has he received since being diagnosed with PD. Is he taking carbidopa/levodopa? Has he had any physical therapy?

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Hi, thank you so much for your response. His medication list and schedule is as follows:

5am: carbidopa-levodopa x2
*sulfamethoxazole (antibiotic)
9am: carbidopa-levodopa x2
1pm: carbidopa-levodopa x2
5pm: carbidopa-levodopa x2
9pm: carbidopa-levo ER x1

As for PT, it has been challenging with Medicare because they were only approved for 6 weeks of PT/year so he really hasn’t had much. He has a trainer that comes to the house to help get him moving but he has still lost so much mobility. It has been challenging for him and my mother in law to make appointments as it is so tedious to get him places. I am hopeful that with palliative care on board, he will have access to weekly PT and OT at home. His last two hospital stays have been hard on him as he has been unable to leave his bed so even more weakness and decreased mobility. He also purchased a bike (maybe a year ago?) that is supposed to be helpful with PD and I think initially he was pretty faithful with it but I am unclear how much he is still using it.

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