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Parkinson’s unresponsive episodes.

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Good morning,

Wow. I just found this forum and it is so helpful with lots of great information. My father in law (71) has been having these unresponsive episodes – 20 minutes has been the longest recorded. Glassy eyed, inability to swallow, unresponsive, and some twitching in his legs. I initially thought it was seizures but everyone else believed it had to do with b/p. He saw a cardiologist who cleared him but his neurologist still believes his “episodes” have to do with low blood pressure. His pressures are all over the place. He has also had a bout of UTI sepsis that he has been hospitalized for twice in the last two weeks. My mother in law is his primary caregiver but Palliative Care is starting this week and I am hopeful that this will put everything under one umbrella so that we can get a clearer picture and he can begin to receive more thorough care. He was diagnosed as late stage PD in early 2020 (COVID made getting proper diagnosis and care almost impossible), has extremely limited mobility, muffled voice, extremely slow movements, and his posture is remarkably stooped which I believe is also typical in the later stages of PD. I really appreciate all the helpful info and this community.

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Hello @tiffmiller and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I'm glad that you found this discussion group. As you can see, others have also been concerned about their family members having this unresponsive episode. It is certainly frightening for the family and caregivers to watch this happening.

I would like to invite @bethv, @chuckcallahan @mshoggie @judithanne to join you in this discussion.

I'm glad to hear that your father-in-law will be receiving palliative care in the near future. This will certainly help him to get good care.

What type of treatment has he received since being diagnosed with PD. Is he taking carbidopa/levodopa? Has he had any physical therapy?

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