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@donnasuecarer, The Mayo Clinic Transplant team will teach you and the patient everything that you will need to know about food and any dietary restrictions.

I realize that you are on a limited schedule of time, so I have selected some Connect discussions for you to review when you have some free time.
-Are there any other pre-liver transplant caregivers out there?
-Transplant Caregiver Advice: Got Tips to Share?
-Packing question: What did you have ready for "the call"?

Donna, I know that you and your mom are eager to learn about caregiving, and these discussions are, in my opinion, a good start because you can see what others have found helpful. You can see that you are not alone with your questions. Your questions are welcomed anywhere.

Are you sharing these with your mother?

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Yes I live with my mom so we can easily share. I worked as a cna in Minnesota for years in people's homes and than my own medical issues so the medical area is known for me. My mom had foster kids than adults so we have both done caregiving. The new things will be transplant and living in a hotel for 5 to 6 weeks with the person. Ashley will have to bring all her things and my mom all her stuff. I will be going back and forth on the days I am there because I can't afford a different room for my husband and I. So if my mom forgets things I can bring them later. I am one that over plans for things so my mind is going crazy that I have to wait tell the 28th to figure more out. I have talked with the social worker from mayo twice so far. But with my experience in surgery's I know it isn't always the way they say. For example I have been told both times from the social worker that Ashley will be discharged able to dress herself and all her hygiene herself. Ashley has also been told that yet when I listen to people's experiences more often than not they can't. For my mom and I we have no problem helping with that but Ashley may not be comfortable with that as we barely know her. I also know the more prepared I am the better I can support Ashley and the more support can help her do better.
We got involved because I couldn't watch as someone doesn't get the life saving medical care she needs because she doesn't have family that care or are capable and can't afford to hire someone plus her friends are young as she is and have young children so they can't she also has a young child. So the success of a transplant is going to affect him also. She has a lot on her plate and has managed it mostly on her own. So I know she is a fighter which will help. My mom and I want to be prepared for this so she can get home faster to her little boy. I know after care has a big impact on recovery so I want to know I am doing all I can.