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Thanks for responding.
We live about 3 hrs away from the hospital that will do the transplant. We live about 45 minutes from Ashley. She is the woman getting the transplant. On the 28th we go down to mayo for our first meeting with dr, nurses and social worker Ashley has been working with them for over a year.
I will mainly be at medical appointments and there for moral support for Ashley. My mom will be staying at the motel with Ashley and doing the hard work. I can't as I am disabled and suffer from a list of issues and have a husband with ftd my daughter who is 26 helps us a lot.
This just became a deal as of Friday the 11th of February. So we have lots of questions and will have lots more I am sure.
First questions would be what are the common diet restrictions after surgery what foods help the first few weeks.
As they will both need to pack ahead of time what is a good list of necessary items to have at motel. I know a scale, blood pressure monitor, thermometer,
What are people like when discharged from the hospital. I have had 6 surgery's and always gone home. So I will have to make lists so things aren't forgotten.
If there are things others wish the drs ect had told them ahead of time please share.
I will come back with more after I help my husband.

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@donnasuecarer, The Mayo Clinic Transplant team will teach you and the patient everything that you will need to know about food and any dietary restrictions.

I realize that you are on a limited schedule of time, so I have selected some Connect discussions for you to review when you have some free time.
-Are there any other pre-liver transplant caregivers out there?
-Transplant Caregiver Advice: Got Tips to Share?
-Packing question: What did you have ready for "the call"?
Donna, I know that you and your mom are eager to learn about caregiving, and these discussions are, in my opinion, a good start because you can see what others have found helpful. You can see that you are not alone with your questions. Your questions are welcomed anywhere.

Are you sharing these with your mother?