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Stigma & Mental Illness

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I have recently been denied a certain privilege at my church because my illness is not understood by others. I have PTSD and treatment resistant depression, a wonderful service dog who does give some help, but I still don’t always have the ability to participate in activities with others. I also have numerous physical problems, among them Fibromyalgia which others just plain don’t understand. I have a great Psychiatrist and therapist who help me deal with the stigma of having a mental illness, but that doesn’t make life that much easier. I also find that doctors will often give me less credibilitiy than I deserve because of the diagnosis of PTSD, etc., and when they read my whole history there have been some who refused to treat me. I speak up whenever I can about the fact that mental illness is no different than other diseases, that there are physical realities which go with it, and have at least been able to help educate a few who were going into counselling when asked to lecture at a local college. MY abuse was in a cult, and if that comes up then the treatment I receive becomes even worse, for people do not believe that cults exist (I was raised in one for the first 20 years of my life). I think that the best thing for those of us with mental illness to do is to keep on getting out when we can and showing to the world that we are not freaks, we have an illness which unfortunately can be classified as an “invisible disability”.

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I am so sorry about the abuse you endured
It takes so much work to recover from abuse and society can ad to this trauma with stigma and indifference
Please take good care of yourself and never give up faith that we too deserve internal peace and happiness
Thank you for having the courage to share ….

No we are not freaks and any illness should never define who a human being is! This is why it’s so important that we all know our rights and speak up if they are being violated in any way. 2012, but we are still exposed to indifference, biases and stigma. To speaking up and demanding respect! !!!!!

I am so sorry to hear of the issues that you are dealing with. It is such a pity that unfortunately that some people are so ignorant to people .’s needs. Rely on your faith. God bless take care Piglit

Today is a day to reach out to a friend in need. Just when we think our own life is chaotic one learns that another is suffering even more. Thank you for your encouragement and reminding me of my faith.
Have a blessed day!!!

You were denied a privilege at church because you have an illness? How does a church, a safe and all accepting institution single you out? Did you tell anyone at the church how you feel?
So sorry thatt is unholy.

Unfortuanelty not the church just some of the people’s lack of understanding in the church. This is a problem that is faced daily and why it is so necessary to be understanding to the needs of others, by listening and always showing that you care God Bless Piglit

Absolutely Piglit. It’s a social problem and it is so hurtful which makes matters so much worse.

Are you doing better? Just thinking of you 🙂

I cannot image what you experienced but you are not s freak and I care about you and your feelings.

There are laws against discrimination but unless more people start sharing their experiences those that practice unlawful behavior win!

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