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I appreciate your doubts, however, it is an example of how the general public does not understand the concept of research. I am a retired market research professional from high tech with lots of experience in data analysis, forecasting and database design. My subject was not medical but technical and economic, however the skill set is similar. WHY DOES GUIDANCE CHANGE OVER TIME? Because one starts with similar situations, creates a model, and then adjusts it as more data comes in. Any type of forecasting does this. Also, one must be aware of context, that is the "big picture". For example, what seems a high value by itself is not so when seen against a whole population of similar. And research also triangulates data points for a position. The general public is ill prepared to judge what ever pops up in a google search. Doctors in one specialty claiming knowledge in another is an example. Judgements on medical issues requires organized research with a systematic collection of data, viewed in the overall relevant context. This requires resources and people with the appropriate skill set. That is why one should consult the real research institutions. The criticism of these institutions is unwarranted. We are living with a NEW virus which mutates....medical research follows it and makes the most informed call it can as more information is documented.

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No one is criticizing. Questioning should be allowed. Also, I made my comment without providing my background which I see you have provided yours at great length. So having no knowledge of my background, it would be nice if you didn't preach or be judgmental. I think that people are smarter than you think.