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Hey CD what symptoms are you having after the shot? I had a similar experience. I had bad covid for a month, recovered for a few weeks, got my first Pfizer shot and got very sick again a few days after. It was just like I had covid all over again. Most all of the same symptoms. I have been sick ever since. It has been two months since the shot and 4 months since covid diagnosis. I have bad fatigue, headaches, insomnia, and respiratory issues all over again.

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Hello Eric. I have heavy chest pressure almost constantly/every day now and have for over 6 months and also my breaths are shorter and more labored. Also fatigued at the end of every day (5:00 - 6:00pm it starts) and I do not have the normal energy I used to have to do after work things like I used to. It doesn't hurt but it is heavy and constant. There are times when there is a mild pain in my center chest area but it is mostly a constant pressure/heaviness. I'm sure it is inflammation and it doesn't go away. It is worse after strenuous activity so I've learned to not do strenuous activity. I recovered from Covid in May and was feeling good in late June and all of July 2021 after recovering and I decided to get the first Pfizer. 3-4 days or so later I starred feeling the heavy chest pressure and shortness of my breaths. Been that way ever since and that was in Early August. It is February now. I did not get the second dose as a result of the first. My Pulmonologist is the one that recommended I get the shot after recovering from Covid symptoms and started to feel better. Was not good advice in hindsight to say the least. He doesn't appear to have treatment options except steroids and that doesn't eliminate the issues. I was a healthy person, 52 yrs old, 6 foot 1, 198 lbs, very very active with a good diet until I got the covid and then got worse after the 1st shot of Pfizer. It has changed my life and I hope to wake up someday and it is gone but so far it is there and just as bad as it was in early August when it came back.