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Hello Sue,
I understand this is forum, I'm glad I found it.
I am his full time care giver , Mother, and he has a Duel Advantage through United health care, I am his SDM, Med POA. He is a smart young man, SDM is for Supportive Decision Maker. I keep him involved in everything.
I do not know why she won't refill his seizure meds, This is not right, never has a Dr. Done this before, so today I will have to do something.
I know she's putting a high risk person at risk for no apparent reason.
Thank you for your concern. And any suggestions are better then none. Thank you so much.

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Here are some suggestions that might work for you:
If your assigned doc is part of a group practice, you could call the Practice Manager and explain what is going on, or ask to speak to the Patient Advocate. Explain the issues and ask for a reassignment.
If not a group, contact the insurance company customer support staff for help finding a more appropriate provider.
If neither helps, call the state insurance commissioner for your state and ask to speak to their Ombudsman or support person for vulnerable adults.

Did you ask the doctor why she will not prescribe his meds? Some doctors are very cautious/conservative with new patients, and maybe she wants to do a full evaluation herself?

Please let me know what you learn, I can only imagine how scary this situation must be for both of you.