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Dealing with brain fog: What helps you?

Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Nov 29, 2023 | Replies (26)

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Interesting to listen to all Brain Fog comments.I've had Brain Fog for 40 years. I have ME/CFS. No one seems to do anything about it including neurologists. Since ME/CFS , according to the English medical community is some sort of encephalitis, it seems amazing to me that no one has investigated brain fog and this disease. In America, no one really does anything. Now, they're trying to tie Brain Fog to Long Covid. What does Long Covid
do to the brain. Has anyone examined that? All I can say is that there are many people whose lives are being ruined by the inability to think clearly. I have Brain Fog off and on but it stopped me from having a career. It's done that to many people. It's not considered a "sexy" disease because tons of research money are not devoted to it. With the addition of ME/CFS and Covid, there should be enough people to encourage doctors to examine .I'm waiting even though I'm old and I'm hoping for the best for everyone. Also, could we start a Brain Fog discussion group in order to compare symptoms?

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Hello @petuniamom567 I can certainly understand your total frustration with brain fog, especially after 40 years! I only had it for about a year after my diagnosis of an autoimmune disease that impacted my brain. I see lots of articles discussing brain fog, but no one researching it. AARDA , the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Assoc., says that researchers get very little funding, which greatly impacts all of us. I do have this article from Psychology Today magazine which talks about brain fog.
How do you compensate for brain fog in your daily life? Any tips for others?

@petuniamom567 and others interested in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, I thought you might appreciate a list of related discussions:
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You're right that brain fog is attributed to multiple conditions including autoimmune diseases, cancer-related brain fog, CFS, and now COVID. I have updated the title of this discussion group to include all types of brain fog and added the discussion to relevant groups so that everyone experiencing brain fog can be brought together in one place.

What helps you when you're struck with brain fog?