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Hello Laura, What a blessing you are to your son, to be caring for him and looking out for his well being by reaching out. Recurring cellulitis is surely an indication of something hiding inside him. MRSA is very difficult to treat, because it is not cured by most antibiotics. When my Mom was in and out of hospital for other illnesses, she acquired MRSA there. Afterward, a special nurse helped us manage her care, and learn how to recognize in advance when we were approaching another episode. It has been 11 years, so I am foggy on the details of her care, and I hope things have advanced since then.

If he has had it 3 times now, it is time for a specialist. Have you consulted with an Infectious Disease Specialist who is expert at treating MRSA? If there is not one on his care team, it is time to find one.


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I agree, but to add to our issues , ... Our Dr. Retired and they put another one over us. This Dr. Insisted it was Yeast, even though the hospital says different, she LAUGHED at me when I asked for a referral to the Mayo Clinic, she made us feel terrible, she wouldn't even give any referral to any Desease Specialist, she insisted on a Dermatologist.
All of his info is at her finger tips, but useless to her. Now she will not fill his seizure meds that are a life long need for him as well as a VNS IMPLANT. AT THIS MOMENT I FEEL HELPLESS AND CLULESS AS WHAT TO DO. His needs are now being ignored, I am lost.