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Treating Osteoporosis: What works for you?

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I took 2 shots of prolia and had the same severe bone and muscle pain, especially in my legs and the pain was the worst when lying down. I also experienced hair loss due to prolia. I told my endocrinologist I was stopping it. (Many drs say you cannot stop it but that is not true). My doctor is chairman of endocrinology at a large hospital complex in the Washington, D.C. area. I asked him to calculate my risk of broken bones if I stopped. Given that I have severe osteoporosis, he calculated that I had a 10% chance of a broken hip and a 25% chance of any broken bone in the next 10 years. I will take that chance as I feel great without the prolia. (I had been on other osteoporosis drugs prior to prolia but they all made me sick.) He did describe ergocalciferol, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 which I faithfully take and I also stay active. I walk about 7000 steps/ day (except in snow or rain) and am generally active and busy.

Remember this is your body and the medical profession is closely allied with drug companies. Do what makes you feel good and is best for you.


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I felt the same until I fractured three lumbar vertebrae with one unwise movement. Right now I don't care if I will go bald, be nauseated every day, and have bone pain so I can remain on Tymlos and avoid the excruciating pain and disability of fractures.

Hi @sewcouture I also take Boron, Vitamin K, and L.Reuteri in addition to Vitamin D, Calcium and Magnesium. Good luck!

Thank you for your response, Kaye. I am so grateful that we can help each other ! Good Luck to you.

I agree with you. I stopped Prolia because of 9 hemorrhagic UTIs in one year. My doctor also told me you can’t stop… 3 years later I am doing ok with bone density scores about the same – Algae Cal and Strontium supplements, weight bearing exercise every morning and walking 5 days a week. All these drugs have terrible side effects.

Hi Kaye, I also have severe osteoporosis – T score of =3.7 lumbar spine, -3.1 proximal femur. Prolia can have some nasty side effects and I would prefer not to take it. Thanks for those percentages of risk of fracture. I had not heard. It works, for those who tolerate it, but then when you stop bone fractures are even higher in the first few months. Such a conundrum.

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