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Thumping/drumming in one ear

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Many members have discussed pulsatile tinnitus and I have it from time to time where I can hear my heart beat in my ear. I think for me it happens more often when I have sinus congestion that seems to conduct the sound. I actually don't mind because I pay attention to how fast my heart is beating because of allergy and asthma breathing issues. If I have too much congestion in my lungs, my heart rate goes up which is sometimes a clue that there is too much trapped phlegm that can become an infection, and I can take action to clear it.

Your blood pressure will change and adjust as you change your body position, and perhaps that may be why you notice a change in the loudness of the thumping. Perhaps having your hands in hot water also affects blood pressure or heart rate. If you ask your doctors about how blood pressure or heart rate affects pulsatile tinnitus, you may get an answer.

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Does this give you an idea of how you might ask more targeted questions of your doctors?

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Thank you for the informative link, and for introducing me to pulsatile tinnitus, however this thumping does not follow my heartbeat, and I don't have clogged sinuses, congestion, or any excess phlegm. I'm going to try to provide more details of what is going on… I have always been able to feel my heartbeat in my chest and back, I've heard some people cannot, but I have for awhile. The ear thumping occurs at what I would estimate at 160-200 BPM. While at the sink, hot or cold water doesn't seem to effect the frequency of the thumping. I don't need my hands in the water to hear and feel the rapid thumps, but having my hands in the water causes the thumps to occur more rapidly and with more strength. Also as far back as I can remember as a child, I have always had an aversion to silence. I remember naming it 'the deafening sound of silence'. Nowadays it's a bit worse. I tend to always have a mild high pitched ringing in my ears, even when it's not totally silent. It's never bad enough to give me a headache, just always there.

Thanks for the help

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