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Here is my Osteo journey: Look for a clinic that does Echolight sonagrams scans. Echolight is used in Europe and is now FDA approved. It measures bone strength as well as density without radiation and cost $80-$125 Then with your endocrinologist determine why you are losing calcium. I had a kidney issue where the kidneys were ‘spilling’ calcium rather than absorbing it for my bones. . Also, look for Osteogenic loading equipment which is based on Wolff's law of how the body builds bones. Developed by the German anatomist and surgeon Julius Wolff in the 19th century, states that bone in a healthy animal will adapt to the loads under which it is placed. If loading on a particular bone increases, the bone will remodel itself over time to become stronger to resist that sort of loading. Endocrinologists know this law, but prescribe medicine rather than weight bearing exercise. I asked my doctor to prescribe physical therapy, which gave me a daily bone exercise program for bone strength. I can get an Echolight scan (in Asheville NC) every 6 months to monitor progress and use the Osteogenic equipment (at a near by bone clinic) to stimulate bone growth. Bone loss is slow and so is rebuilding. Meds are designed to either stop the loss or build new bone. The bone may be denser but not always stronger.

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@csday Yes! Denser but not always stronger. The reason I never started on the medications was this and of course possible adverse side effects but now it seems that my bone density is so bad I have no other option I'll look into Echolight scan and Osteogenic loading equipment and then have to make the "terrible choice" re meds. Thank you.

I'm new to Asheville and now live here part of the year. I've noted the Echolight information you've written about and look forward to getting that done. Is there a bone clinic in Asheville? Who uses osteogenic equopment in AVL? And have you checked out OsteoStrong? I've seen more ads for it than documented, verifiable results but am reserving opinion as I've not been you one yet.