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Treating Osteoporosis

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@kilh I started on Tymlos last March so I'm in my 11th month now.

I get my Tymlos from a CVS Specialty pharmacy, they have it shipped to me and I have no problems with getting it that way. I also get my immunosuppressant from a CVS Speciality pharmacy and have never had a problem with that either. Interestingly, one comes from a CVS in Boston, the other from a CVS in NJ!

I'm glad that at 7 clicks you are doing well with Tymlos. I have heard of very good results with it. For a person who qualifies to get it, who tolerates it, and can manage to pay for its pricey cost, I think it's definitely a great way to go. We look at it as a sacrifice but a worthwhile one.

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I paid for the first six months but after I retired I applied for Radius Assist and I was accepted. So I get 18 months free. But the first 6 months cost me over $2000. I was afraid when I stopped that month I would lose my $. Thank goodness for a little help.

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