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Treating Osteoporosis

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@contentandwell Thanks for the reply. How long have you been on Tymlos? Does your come from Radius or Pharmacy? I was fine on Tymlos for four months and I could not do the side effects anymore. I was off a month and then started back at 2 clicks. I have worked my way back to 8 but after 8 days I went back to 7. I have no problem at 7. It is amazing that 1 can make all the difference. My doc and PA have very few patients on Tymlos and have never shared the side effects of others. So they are learning from me. They never thought to start low and work back up but they were ok with it. I need to check in with them since I did not have an appt. till May. Glad you are doing so well and staying healthy. KLH

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@kilh I started on Tymlos last March so I'm in my 11th month now.

I get my Tymlos from a CVS Specialty pharmacy, they have it shipped to me and I have no problems with getting it that way. I also get my immunosuppressant from a CVS Speciality pharmacy and have never had a problem with that either. Interestingly, one comes from a CVS in Boston, the other from a CVS in NJ!

I'm glad that at 7 clicks you are doing well with Tymlos. I have heard of very good results with it. For a person who qualifies to get it, who tolerates it, and can manage to pay for its pricey cost, I think it's definitely a great way to go. We look at it as a sacrifice but a worthwhile one.

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