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Treating Osteoporosis

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@contentandwell Hope you are well and doing good with Tymlos. I finally got to 8 for a week then the side effects started. So then went back to 7 this last week with no problems. I guess I will stay at 7 for the rest of my two years. I can not stand my B/P and P so high. 7 should do me some good. It is amazing that one click of the pen can make so much difference

Do you take Vit K and boron? If so how much? Also, where do you find all the facts about these drugs? Thank you for being there. KLH

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@kilh I have never had a problem with Tymlos and heart rate or BP. My resting heart rate tends to be somewhat low so after my shot, the highest my heart rate has gotten is in the low 80s, not what I would consider a concern. I have not checked my BP. I have been on 8 clicks from day 1.

I do take K and Boron. I'm not sure that boron is much help, you need little and it is in foods, so I am considering discontinuing it. I had read that it was good for osteoporosis in a forum somewhere. My endocrinologist suggested eating prunes, 5-6 a day, without specifying why but prunes have boron in them. Prunes seem to have an unsavory reputation so I have noticed many brands refer to them as dried plums now!

I do also take vitamin K. I have the Harvard Health publication on Osteoporosis and it mentions vitamin K so I figured if Harvard recommended it then it must be legitimately beneficial. It's an excellent publication but is not free. I'm fairly attached to Harvard and Mass General since my liver transplant was at MGH and when younger I lived in the shadow of those institutions. I am in southern NH now so not too far still.

The Boron I have been taking has 5mg in it.
The Vitamin K has 3 forms of K for a total of 6,090mcg.
If you are considering either or both of them though you should consult with the doctor who is managing your osteoporosis. Neither of them is generally considered to be harmful but anything in large doses can cause problems.

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