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I turned 70 in Nov. Before my back went to pot, I was a very active person. Walking dogs 5 miles a day, competitive skating, doing agility with my dogs, bike riding, etc. My doctor tried me on various drugs, Alendronate, Calcium/Potassium, and another one whose name I forgot, (I have a list of drugs I can't take), and I'd have to look up. I had a bad reaction to all of them. Now he wants me to get an injection of something. I'd have to go to a medical facility. The injection takes about 15 minutes, and I'd feel like I have the flu for about a week. A few weeks ago, I read that this is made from shellfish, mainly shrimp. I did not think to write down the name of the drug or the site where I read this on. I am allergic to shellfish. Any suggestions?

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I would not take it! I tried several osteoporosis drugs before my endocrinologist gave me Prolia. It caused constant pains in my legs which were worse when I laid down. It also caused hair loss. My hair has receded about 1-1 1/2" all around my face! I quit the drug after 2 shots and about 6 months later feel great! I take ergocalciferol, Vitamin D and Vitamin B12 all prescribed by the same physician. Before you take any drug go to a computer search for the name of the drug and the suspected symptoms, for example - prolia and hair loss. Do NOT go to the prolia web site as they do not recognize all side symptoms.
I wish you luck and be wary of anything the medical profession tells you - do your own research.