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I did use a nasal spray I bought from a pharmacist here in delta State Nigeria where I stay but it made my symptoms worst as it made my nose very dry I had so discontinue using it
These products you listed seem very promising but we are not used to ordering things from Amazon here in Nigeria as the cost and shipping fee is very high and money is tight here in my country I dont have the resources to afford it
As the cost of living in my country is terrible
But I am very glad to read your comment on my condition I can't still believe it that you responded to me I am in my saloon reading this I have tears running down my eyes right now
May God bless you for giving my complaint attention
Every second of the day is how often my predicament is
Thank you very much again
I am grateful

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Replies to "I did use a nasal spray I bought from a pharmacist here in delta State Nigeria..."

Hi Henry @henryfromnigeria, Thank you for the private message. I am sorry to hear that it is so difficult to get help where you live. I did see a few tips in the following articles that hopefully might be something available for you to try to keep your nasal passages moist:

— 5 Ways to Treat Dry Nose: https://www.healthline.com/health/cold-flu/ways-to-treat-dry-nose
— How To Relieve A Dry Nose: https://breathefreely.com/how-to-relieve-a-dry-nose/

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