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Chronic Hives and any Cure??

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I have had hives for 8 weeks. Bloodwork has all come back normal. The one test that didn't was the chronic hives index. I had 50 as a score. Dr tells me this is not food or environmental???? Certain foods do trigger my hives. Plain white pasta has made my hives much worse three different times. I have not had a hivefree day. I ANSI discouraged . People don't seem to get how awful this is. Dr don't seem to have much help. Living like this is just awful.

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I have had Chronic Hives for 11 months pretty much everyday and have not figured out what is causing it. I've been told the same thing that you have, it's very frustrating. I am on so many medications and I'm sure they are helping somewhat, but not totally. Right now I'm one step away from being prescribed Cyclosporine, because mentally I'm having a hard time dealing with it.

I wonder if you would consider contacting National Jewish Hospital and Clinics in Denver. They are the BEST with allergic reactions. Maybe you could Google it and contact them and see if there would be anyway you could visit with them. They have depts that could recommend where you would be able to stay that would be highly affordable...if you have suffered this long, it might be worth it. Good luck to you.

I have had hives 2005 and I am so tired of it my face swells my arm swell my hands and feet swell my whole body breaks out in to talk to her seem to know nothing and my blood test came back normal like yours and steroids and antihistamines make them worse so have you found out anything yet do you know anything could you point me anyway I'm sorry that you're suffering to