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Chronic Hives and any Cure??

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I have had chronic hives and angioedema for 3.5 years. I had a mass on my thyroid and half was removed. The hives began shortly after that surgery. I have been to numerous doctors. Allergists, dermatologists, endocrinologists, internist.......no one is yet to give me any hope of ever living a normal life. It is becoming worse all the time. I wake up with them every morning. There are very few nights that the itching doesn't wake me from sleep. The hives are full body, but seem to be worse on the torso, legs and forearms. The angioedema affects my eyes, lips and feet mostly. Many mornings I wake up with an eye nearly swollen shut or a portion of my lips so large it looks as if I have been punched. I find myself wearing long sleeved shirts and turtlenecks often to avoid embarrassement. It looks like I have a horrible skin condition and it's easier to cover it up than explain. I have tried many many medications and nothing helps. Prednisone is the only thing that helps, and only at a high dose. After the 3rd day the hives are already coming back. I am so frustrated that doctors won't take me seriously. I feel like no one really takes the time to research and find a reason. I personally feel it is related to the thyroid but since my levels are ok, the doctors totally dismiss that. I am hoping to find others who have experienced this and hopefully together we can find help.

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Do hope your hives may be better since your not of Feb. 2011. As you no doubt know many MD's think that hives are related to Hashimoto's Disease (sp??) which is another name for one having hypothyroidism. If your MD says your thyroid hormone is O.K. I would press him to give you some thyroid hormone (synthroid or it's generic) - at any rate and see if your hives condition is bettered by this med.
My wife is hypothyroid (no hives however) but when her thyroid tests came out O.K. she begged the MD to increase her doseage of synthroid anyway (her chief complaint BEFORE the MD increased her doseage slightly was lack of energy. I'm telling you this to show that in her case although the test showed her thyroid hormone was normal the increased doseage made her feel a lot better and she had no adverse side effects from the increased (over normal) doseage of the med. I do hope you are getting along better and that the above may help you. .

Have you had any relief since writing the above?? I do hope so.

I had the same response...hashimotos. Just wanted to support marigold's comment. Thankfully mine were not chronic. I hope you get better. I found it to be misserable.
You may want to give up gluten and dairy if you haven't already.