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Well today l went and had my mri and l did just fine. After losing a night's sleep and being very anxious it went well. Technician was very kind and keeping me calm. It took 30 mintues total. Thanks to everyone that made me feel better with all your advise.

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@cookiepic Such wonderful news!! I thought about you all day, but told myself to wait to hear from you first. It’s a red letter day!
Now, if someone else posts their fear of a procedure, will you come back and give them some positive vibes?

Cookie, I'm so pleased it went well with your MRI today and that you came back to tell us. I moved your update to the original discussion you started so that everyone who shared their tips and support can get your news, like @michael3319 @hopeful33250 @dserro @becsbuddy @fourof5zs @jetsetter @contentandwell and @mothermary1.

I also expanded the title of the discussion so that new members (like Becky said) who join in the future will also benefit from the tips from other members and your story.

Cookie, I bet you'll sleep well tonight. When you're well rested, I'd like to hear your tips for the next person who comes to Mayo Clinic Connect worried about getting an MRI. What would you tell them?

I knew you could do it.


Fear is a difficult emotion to conquer. Uncertainty is unsettling. I’m glad you did it! You can be proud of yourself.

I have been dealing with fear and anxiety about the cervical facet joint injection I’m scheduled to have on Jan. 25th.

I realized my fear is just thoughts and I can change those thoughts. I am confident of the doctors skill, it will be done in a hospital, it’s not surgery, it may help my pain and I have made a decision to try this for some pain relief.

It may help, it may not, it may make it worse, but I am going to do it! I think once I made the decision I could prepare myself. Wish me luck!

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