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@mattie1014 . You have given good advice. How do I go about asking questions about the audiologist? Whom would I ask about him? Is there a website that rates them?

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This conversation is a bit spaced out over time, but I'm going to jump in to see if I might be helpful. The field of audiology is complicated because of the variety of 'professionals' who fit and sell hearing aids. Depending on your state's regulations, people with basic training as an apprentice in this area can take a state exam for a license to sell hearing aids. They take the same exam that audiologists with a doctorate level degree (AuD) take. Once passed, they can establish their practice and sell hearing aids.

As you might imagine, the difference in educational background is magnanimous. However, those who become 'hearing instrument specialists' (HIS), can do an excellent job of fitting hearing aids. The problems crop up when there are other medical issues related to an individuals needs. Tinnitus and Menieres Disease are two of those other issues that make proper fitting difficult. There are other medical issues that can cause hearing loss that should be ruled out. Starting with an ENT MD is wise. Sudden hearing loss is different from hearing loss that occurs gradually over time You want to know what caused it.

Unfortunately, I have not found any rating system of hearing healthcare professionals. The best way to get that kind of information is to talk to other people with hearing loss that have had successful treatment and fitting of hearing instruments.

The Hearing Loss Assn. of America is a consumer based organizaton that has chapters in most states. Those who seek support through HLAA will meet other people who are dealing with hearing loss. Talking openly to them can lead you to learning where to go and even where not to go for help. HLAA does not endorse products or providers, but its members are encouraged to share their personal experiences on a personal level. http://www.hearingloss.org

Unfortunately, due to COVID, most HLAA Chapters are not meeting in person at this time. But, many are holding Zoom meetings where people can discuss their concerns and ask questions. These meetings are captioned, and in most cases, are open to people from outside the region where the meeting is held. You may be interested in checking the HLAA website to see if there is a chapter in your area, and/or what meetings are available via Zoom where you might be able to connect.

I tried to Google 'Best rated audiologists in my area', and got nothing but advertising material. Google then asked me if I meant 'urologists' or 'cardiologists'. So...back to the people who use hearing aids.