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Treatment options for Livedoid Vasculopathy (LV)

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Just hoping to help someone looking this up. I have had this now for 5 to 6 years, and the only real help I get is by keeping my feet up very high and I mean like 2 and a half to 3 feet over my heart very uncomfortable but you should be able to feel the blood flow change and literally the pain seaping out of your legs. The only problem you will start to have is first your hips get hurting very bad but still not as bad as the pain in your legs. And then a big problem is even when you do feel like you can walk because pain in your legs subsided your hips will feel like they suddenly give out and leave you stuck until you sit for a while. Compression socks help for short term use feel much better and you can walk much more distances but after a couple of days be careful because the swelling will go wherever the socks end. First thing I did was get longer socks up to the knee. And then started swelling there and then I got like pantyhose compression socks that went up my whole leg gut then started swelling in genatal area and got hemroids bad and I had never had them. So socks were out. Now has been years and I learned to keep my feet up about the same time I walk. So if I want to stand or walk for 2 hours then I stop and lay with my feet up for 2 hours and this has kept me from having open wounds since it has started. I still have pain every day but not as bad as with the open wounds any questions or need someone to talk to, send me a private message or post a reply. Good luck. Brian

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Hi Brian, welcome. I'm sure your tips will be welcome by members like @prairiesmoke @marlene64 @patientrea @vickieb and @zenk, and to future members.

While taking time to have your feet up above your heart, what activities are you able to do? You measure the time walking vs sitting with feet above the heart. Do you also calculate the time spent on your feet for other activities, ie washing dishes, gardening etc.?

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