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@Isittll Laurie, this is my thought.

If you have told your psychiatric NP "no" more than once, she might be hoping you expand your answer to include what you have done to move on from that therapist. She might be wanting to hear you have another therapist in place who is helping you. She may need to document in the chart notes that you are [or, are not] seeing another therapist. Has she asked you a follow-up question when you say "no"?

You could always ask her, "Why do you ask me this every time?" to see what she says. How do you feel about that idea?

And for my own benefit, have you found another therapist, either virtually or face-to-face, who is more to your liking? I hope you are doing well!

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Unfortunately I have not found a therapist. I have called some and they never get back to me. Last week I emailed and called a social worker saying I was looking forward to hear from her and I heard nothing. Others I want to see are not taking new patients. I need a therapist locally but they do not have to be in my zip code and Cigna reps only want to give persons in my zip code and three of them. There is such a long list of therapists online. The list is longer than the one in the provider directory. You must check with Cigna first to see if the provider online accepts you insurance plan. Reps do not want to check this information, They do not have access to it, my plan doesn't cover the services of a social worker, I don't know if Cigna covers social workers they tell me. I have given up with them. The only way I will get the needed information is probably to ask for a supervisor.

There are so many male therapists too. The therapist must be a female for me. I can only communicate with older persons. Cigna has given me the name of a social worker nearby but she is not yet credentialed with the practice.
I do not know how long that will be either. I have been without a therapist so long. I need someone NOW! At least temporarily until that counselor is credentialed with Prologue. I can't wait all this time. When I go without psychotherapy for such a long time my depression gets the very worse. In fact the worst. Months ago I started taking extra Cymbalta without telling my psychiatric nurse practitioner/therapist when I had to go without a therapist. Without a therapist I will need more Cymbalta. I don't know what to do where to get help!


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