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How long is mri with contrast

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Depends on the part of the body. The head is 45-50 minutes. I’ve had lower back surgery and mri was about 45 minutes. I’ve had neck surgery and it was 45 minutes. I’ve had an mri of my stomach and colon took 40-45 minutes and just recent my pancreas which was 40-45. All with and without contrast. That only means they take pictures first before injecting the contrast.
I suffer severe drug allergies and thank god I’ve never had a problem with contrast, it’s not iodine or at all similar to CT Scan contrast. They put a wonderful styrofoam cushion under your knees to keep pressure off lower spine. I always ask for xtra blankets. Honestly it’s always been rather easy. I’ve had so many tests and procedures and this by far is one of the easiest. I only dislike because it’s loud. You’ll do great. The first of anything is always scary. It’s like that for me.
Hang in, Joanne

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