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@mothermary1 Such good advice, Joanne! The techs talk me through the exam also.

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Hi Becky, how about an update, lol. I’m doing well a lot of work. I’m enjoying visceral massage which I never knew about but it’s just fantastic. It has so many health benefits. I’m getting colonic hydrotherapy now every 14 days. I actually move my bowels every day. No, it’s not normal stool but I’ve taken the word normal out of my vocabulary. It’s soft small pieces but it’s every day. I’m down to two Mag07 every night. I’m still on Tirosint thyroid med and VSL#3 medical food prescription strength probiotic. I took Nystatin 3 times a day for all of December. I eat no sugar or dairy except eggs. I feel like a new person. My pancreatic cysts are just a watch situation which is wonderful. I see the natural doctor monthly. I bought the products on Amazon as if I was going to do coffee enemas but I use warm distilled water only and a thin straw shape tubing that is very comfortable to use and I put water into my colon daily. That’s it. Nothing makes me sick, vomit or shake. It’s so nice to be using products that don’t make me so I’ll. So, I’m running with this as long as it works. Life is good.

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