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Jennifer, I get it. I understand what you are saying. I am also taking Tacrolimus and Mycophenolate, but have a longer history than you since my transplant was in 2009, if that matters. Anyway, the question of protection does remain for both of us, and for the emerging science of this virus. I can only hope that if I get it, it will be milder. And I also continue taking precautions seriously, regardless of what others do.
It is good that we have each other and other transplant recipients who also 'get it" because we need each other for support when we doubt, and when our friends and family don't understand our concerns.

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Yes, I agree, Rosemary. Trust me, was one of the first to try to get a vaccine when they were made available to me because I am now 60 but it was only 59 when the vaccines came out. I got my first vaccine 3/17/21, 2nd 4/7/21 and my 3rd 8/28/21. I encouraged all family to get vaccinated, and most were including all 5 of my living children. I don’t doubt Mayo or my team, I trust them implicitly. Yes, it has only been 13 months since my transplant, but that doesn’t mean I am less informed, less likely to seek answers or less able to make decisions concerning myself.
I hope better options will come for all us soon. We indeed are better together. I appreciate all you do here on Connect.

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