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@jennifer0726, I got my 4th dose this morning. I didn't know my antibody level. I do plan to ask about my antibody level when I am at Mayo for my annual evaluation later this spring. It is kind of odd to be sitting here at home wondering if I will have any side effects, or if I will get antibodies. However it does make me feel good that I am now fully boosted and my sons are delighted about it. It was labeled on my Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card as my 3rd dose (since we are supposed to get 3 primary doses) I had a real interesting conversation with the nurse who gave me the shot, and when I left, she gave me a couple of N95 masks because of my transplant status.

Jennifer, might I inquire why you are not sure about taking the 4th dose when you are eligible? Did you have bothersome side effects?

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Hello Rosemary,
I am hesitant to get the 4th one because really what is the point? I had Mayo check for antibodies in November and they did two tests and they were negative-no antibodies present. Why would I expect a different result with a 4th? Now with Omicron vaccinated and boosted people are getting and spreading it just like unvaccinated. The long term side effects of this vaccine have not been studied, in addition to endless boosters. Now experts are saying what I thought at the beginning, pretty much everyone will get it. We might be able to avoid it with precautions and isolation. 😔 Sorry, my confidence in the vaccines has waned, just like they say the efficacy wanes.

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