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Good morning @estrada53 😊 Were you one of the lucky transplant patients that actually produced covid antibodies from the vaccine? I am on Cellcept and Tacronlimis so my antibodies number is zero after four doses. I think I will end up relying on a KN95 mask and the 77% effective AstraZeneca Evusheld every six months for my protection (and pray that a variant doesn't appear that evades the protection). I was also going to rely on the new Pfizer antiviral pill as "back up", but it doesn't sound like that pill is a great option for immune suppressed patients unless our Tacronlimis is very closely monitored for toxicity levels, (or it may be suggested that we don't take it all). I am not sure how Mayo transplant feels about this new drug Pfizer pill, but I will definitely ask at my next visit. I am hopeful that Remdesivir is holding against Omicron and will hold against the future variants. I saw that Regeneron is no longer helpful since Omicron became the dominant strain. Hopefully, the scientists will be able to keep "tweaking" these treatments to keep up with the virus mutations as they develop. Thank you for the heads up about the fourth dose of vaccine….(I wish it worked on me, but Tacronlimis and Cellcept are doing too good a job keeping my immune system "asleep" and my new kidney safe!) ❤

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Not sure I will get a fourth vaccination as I have zero antibodies after my third. If I got zero antibodies with three vaccinations it makes me doubt I would receive any antibodies with a fourth. Tacrolimus and Mycophenolate. I will continue to follow my team at Mayo, and Covid precautions. Hopefully, there will be something proven available to prevent infection for us soon.

My Kidney/Liver Transplant was in June 2019. I take 4mg of tac and 4 Cellcept capsules daily. After two Moderna shots I had zero antibodies. So I took two more – which did show antibodies. A month ago I went for my Booster, and since I had a Transplant, they gave me a full dose. I hope this information helps others. I have received ZERO direction from my Phoenix based transplant team and have been following Johns Hopkins instead.

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