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I have never taken xanax, but think it would work.

You should tell them you have a neck problem. .. they will then take the extra precautions needed. Here they try to help you feel comfortable. My neck hurts a lot and they aligned me well and being it was of my neck they stabilized it with a piece of foam and I think it was like hand towel or similar between my head and the side of the foam.

I reminisced of a trip we took in 2008 … from Georgia up the Oregon Coast to see my brother ,,, through Utah, Colorado, Arkansas and on … lots of beauty for me to remember and keep me calm and pass the time during the MRI.

I did well during my MRI .. I think you will too.

I have panic attacks in crowds … I ran out of Walmart one day this past spring…. all of a sudden a lot of people around me… crowding and noise got to me .. could not breathe through the mask either. I did not need whatever I was looking for that bad. I did better a few months later going in there with my husband.

I have no idea where my panic attacks come from… I deal better with them than I used to, but sometimes like that time in Walmart I don't. I am not on any medication for it other than the occasional valium for an MRI. I practice breathing and relaxing my mind.

I am sure all will go well with your MRI .. most of it is just your mindset. You can do it. 🎉


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Thank you for telling me of your experience with your neck and the mri. I pray that they will do the same. I've been learning how to meditate with the Calm app. It's difficult to learn to meditate but each day is getting better. I'm hoping that what l am learning to do will keep me calm during the mri. I have bad anxiety and take the xanax when l need it. I don't take everyday as l don't want to get addicted. At 66 it's not what l want lol.

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