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1)What is you neurologist and/or neuro surgeon (if you need one or can ask saying?) If no symptoms I believe they possibly may tell you “infundibular“ things are significantly less of a risk than aneurism and 2mm is small and they may just consider watching it or not even be worried about it, but am totally guessing without knowing. Ask them.

2)was you right thalmic stroke symptomatic and if so what symptoms,. Was it a lacunar stroke from high BP or something else. If yes you need to manage risk factors.

3)what is this speaking to “ Axial T2-weighted images once again demonstrates postoperative
changes of a right temporal lobectomy unchanged from previous. ”

My questions and guesses for suggestions would e be:

1)maske sure your doctor is communicating with you or find another one and write down all your questions before your visit or email them on the portal. Sometimes in this area they don’t clearly know and each MRI changes what they say.

2)if you still have questions get a second opinion or ask them until answered. Write down their answers. …., if you do ever want a second opinion consider mayo or well rated docto/place if possible.

3)make sure you are following and managing all lifestyle recommendations for stroke and things and doctors may have given you after you had one (guessing like all patents risk factors include possible diet, exercise , weight and blood pressure, possibly meds). Possibly confirming no blood sugar issues is a big one or managing. Your doctor will know the risk factors if any to test or instruct.

Good luck.

Ps check out dean ornish on YouTube for cardiac stuff if you find interesting and helpful for cardiac things.

Good luck.

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lacunar stroke from high BP, I'm under a cardiologist's care and he's watching everything. He seems to think MRA findings are ok for now. Already on many meds which keeps BP at or close to good numbers averaging 120 over 80. A1C being monitored and sugar levels are below 7.

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