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Thank you. I am very nervous of being on my neck for a length of time. I have xanax which l guess will do the job.

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I have never taken xanax, but think it would work.

You should tell them you have a neck problem. .. they will then take the extra precautions needed. Here they try to help you feel comfortable. My neck hurts a lot and they aligned me well and being it was of my neck they stabilized it with a piece of foam and I think it was like hand towel or similar between my head and the side of the foam.

I reminisced of a trip we took in 2008 … from Georgia up the Oregon Coast to see my brother ,,, through Utah, Colorado, Arkansas and on … lots of beauty for me to remember and keep me calm and pass the time during the MRI.

I did well during my MRI .. I think you will too.

I have panic attacks in crowds … I ran out of Walmart one day this past spring…. all of a sudden a lot of people around me… crowding and noise got to me .. could not breathe through the mask either. I did not need whatever I was looking for that bad. I did better a few months later going in there with my husband.

I have no idea where my panic attacks come from… I deal better with them than I used to, but sometimes like that time in Walmart I don't. I am not on any medication for it other than the occasional valium for an MRI. I practice breathing and relaxing my mind.

I am sure all will go well with your MRI .. most of it is just your mindset. You can do it. 🎉


@cookiepic I just got back from my MRI and all went well. I think 1/2 of the solution is having friendly, helpful techs, they make such a huge difference! That got me to thinking—maybe you could make an appointment ahead of time to meet the technicians and discuss your fears. It will make a big difference for them to know of your anxiety and how you can work together. Do you think this might work for you?

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