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@cookiepic I really think your best bet is to have a talk with your doctor about the amount of sedation you can take. You certainly don’t want to pick a dose yourself! And, you will have someone drive you home! As for added time to do the contrast, there really isn’t any added time. It just takes a minute to give you the contrast.
So, you’ve had an MRI before? Was it also an open MRI? We’re you given any sedation to help you relax? I suggest an appointment with your doctor to discuss the entire situation. You should calmly explain that ‘you just cant do it’. You know that you need the MRI to help diagnose your problem, so maybe they can help figure out a solution for you.
I’m always here for you (virtually), but you must have the necessary talks with the doctors. Take your laptop, or iPad, or phone to the doctor’s appointment, and call up Mayo Clinic Connect. Know that all the members are backing you up!
Will you call the doctor first thing Monday morning?

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I will talk to doctor about how much xanax l can take. I've never had a mri. Tried last month for my neck and didn't go well. Lasted 15 minutes. But l don't think l took enough of my xanax. This mri is my ears and brain. ENT calling for this test.

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