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Thank you so much for all your info. I read to much on Google and read how the contrast can cause problems. I worry about getting dizzy from being on my neck for so long. How long does it take with contrast?
I take xanax for anxiety too begin with .25 and don't know if l can take 2. Might be too much. I am going to a place that is an open mri. Last month was getting one done on my neck and only lasted 15 mintues. Between helmet on my head, mouth piece and enclosed machine l just couldn't do it. This one is on my ears and brain. Any input is a help. Thank you

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Hello @cookiepic

I'm also an experienced MRI user. It's a great test and unlike X-Rays and CT scans there is no radiation, which is very important. I've had the contrast as well with no problems. There can be a feeling of warmth when the contrast is administered, however, the tech will explain it in advance. This is a remarkable diagnostic tool and well worth the noise and inconvenience.

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