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@cookiepic HI and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect! I just saw this posting and even though I’m in the autoimmune group, i sure know MRIs. I have one 4 times a year of my brain. There are a couple of things to know: 1. the MRI is very loud but doesn’t touch you at all. They will give you ear protectors that muffle the sound somewhat, 2. Ask for a light blanket since it can be cool, 3. It is a small, tight space. I always ask my doctor for 5 mg of Valium which helps SO much. Talk with your doctor, you may want more so that you can really relax and not think about your degenerative disk disease. I usually take the pill as in leave the house so. It’s working by the time of my appointment. If you know of some relaxation techniques or mantras, be sure to use them. And DONT listen to any horror stories! It’s a very do-able test. My next MRI is on Tuesday!
Be sure to get back to me with any more questions and tell me how your MRI went
What worries you the most about the contrast?

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Thank you so much for all your info. I read to much on Google and read how the contrast can cause problems. I worry about getting dizzy from being on my neck for so long. How long does it take with contrast?
I take xanax for anxiety too begin with .25 and don't know if l can take 2. Might be too much. I am going to a place that is an open mri. Last month was getting one done on my neck and only lasted 15 mintues. Between helmet on my head, mouth piece and enclosed machine l just couldn't do it. This one is on my ears and brain. Any input is a help. Thank you

Can they give you a pillow for your neck? I'm thinking not bendy it's a head mri

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