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@tsc Thank you for letting us get to know you a little better! I really like your favorite quote and the world needs a lot more of it 🙂 I also can relate to your story about Lucy who depends on the kindness of strangers for food and that the rescue organizations have tried to catch her many times but she's just too fast. Reminds me of my own adventure capturing my neighbors kittens so that she could give them away to friends who wanted them. They were outdoor cats and the neighbor fed them but they woud run anytime she approached them. The kittens mother would always bring them over to my window for treats and I would feed them. I told the neighbor I could catch them and she gave me the go ahead. I coaxed them into my computer room and left a soft sided cat carrier with a warm towel on the floor of the carrier along with a bowl of food. Opened the window and 3 came in right away but the other one I had to coax close to the window and reach out and grab her. After about an hour they were all curled up in a ball snoozing in the back of the cat carrier so I zipped it up and carried it over to the neighbors house.

Temp was -15 when I got up this morning but it's up to -8 now so things are looking up! Have a great weekend!

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John, I am sending some warm wishes your way. Thanks for all your help!